Online computerised PTSD test developed by Lifeappslab and Dr David Mulhall

A PTSD diagnosis and monitoring test that makes assessment easier and treatment more effective.

The current paper based DSM IV / DSM 5  tests for PTSD are a relatively blunt instrument when it comes to measuring the extent of the symptoms of PTSD and thereby determine the most effective treatment.

STOP-D is an online computerised PTSD test developed by Lifeappslab in conjunction with Dr David Mulhall a UK Clinical Psychologist and expert witness. The system assesses the severity of PTSD symptoms using a specialised scaling technique and allows remote monitoring of the PTSD patient.

STOP-D is not a paper test that has been modified for on screen use. The system uses a specialised scaling technique and algorithm to generate results.

The test is effectively administered via a touch screen Tablet or PC/MAC computer.

The test serves four key purposes:

1. It diagnoses PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) using DSM.IV/5 criteria.

2. It estimates the level of distress that the patient experienced

3. It minimises the potential for bogus or manipulated result

4. As STOP-D is able to monitor rates of change it provides evidence about which therapies are most cost effective when treating PTSD.

If you would like further information please contact Andrew Staples at Lifeappslab here