PTSD: Expertise in trauma diagnosis

How Dr David Mulhall became an expert in trauma diagnosis.

For the last 22 years Dr Mulhall has worked in the medico legal sector determining the psychological dimension of people’s accident claims.

Medico legal psychological assessments allow the court to make better judgements in both criminal proceedings and family care proceedings.

His expertise includes the following distinct areas:

Stress disorder born of trauma will affect people to different degrees. An individual’s reaction to a traumatic event may be coloured by an earlier trauma. The key questions are; is it a pathological condition, how severe is it and can it be changed? Dr Mulhall has developed techniques to measure Trauma. His PTSD test, STOP D  is designed to accurately diagnose and monitor recovery from PTSD.

Each person has their own construction of what is going on within a relationship. It is important to have systematic ways of helping people on and in their own terms. Mapping the complexities of relationships provides a guide to resolving issues.

Disabled people
If people have a disabling illness they have to form new ways of viewing themselves and the world. When awarding damages courts need to understand an individual’s level of disability, the potential for recovery and the care needed for the future.

Cognitive performance
As a result of exposure to carbon monoxide poisoning or a similar agent, cognitive performance can be impaired. To assess performance and monitor improvement psychological tests can determine the level of treatment necessary. I am developing an APP that will support clinical decision making in this area.

Severe mental illness
Where people lack insights into the fact that there may have disordered thoughts or perceptions, they are going to need this specific medical support from a psychiatrist who is a medical practitioner who speciality is mental illness.